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Apple Overestimated Demand For A 15-inch MacBook Air

It appears Apple may have seriously overestimated consumer demand for a larger, 15 inch Macbook Air, with reports stating the company reduced supply chain orders, indicating consumer sales fell short.

It’s being reported that Apple cut shipments by half back in July 2022, and now with the launch of a larger, relatively heavy notebook, it appears the market is slowing as a whole. Who knows, maybe the 15 inch MacBook Air sales will pick up in the following months.

Weight and cost are the biggest consumer concerns, with the 15 inch MacBook Air weighing more than the 13.3 inch MacBook Pro, and costing more. The 13 inch MacBook Pro with 256GB SSD storage costs $1,999.00 AUD, whereas the 15 inch MacBook Air with the same storage costs $2,199.00 AUD.

Having to choose between performance and screen size are what would cause slower sales for the 15 inch Air, as the Pro’s specifications are almost identical, along with a better battery life, up to two additional hours, a faster 67W charger, and it weighs less.

The M2 update for the Pro came last year in June, and does lack in some features of the Air, including six-speaker sound, thin bezels, improved BlueTooth 5.3, and a higher resolution 1080p webcam.

Seemingly, it appears choosing a MacBook this year could become highly complicated, but Apple have a chance to fix this as the new 13 inch Pro with M3 processor could come to market sooner than expected.

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