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Apple, Meta Mulling AI Partnership

Facebook parent company Meta has held talks with Apple about integrating its generative artificial-intelligence model into the iPhone maker’s AI system, Apple Intelligence, reported the Wall Street Journal.

Meta debuted its LLM, Llama 3, in April and has since then rolled it out in several key markets including Australia and the US.

Meta AI is included automatically in search and messaging features as well as feeds of Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram of users in those markets. It accesses real-time information from across the web without needing users to switch between apps. In the search bar, you can enter prompts to ask questions, generate images or start a conversation with Meta AI.

While Apple has developed its own smaller AI models, the company has said it will turn to partners for more complex or specific tasks.

Apple debuted its Apple Intelligence on June 10 at its Worldwide Developers Conference.

That technology too will help summarise text, create original images and retrieve the most relevant data when users need it.

Apple also announced that it was integrating Microsoft’s OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT into its iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, allowing users to access ChatGPT’s capabilities including image and document understanding.

Apple Intelligence (Image: Sourced from Apple Newsroom)

Apple’s Siri will also tap into ChatGPT’s capabilities. Apple users will be asked before any questions are sent to ChatGPT, along with any documents or photos, and Siri then presents the answer directly.

Additionally, ChatGPT will be available in Apple’s systemwide Writing Tools, to help users generate content for anything they are writing about.

Apart from Meta, startups including Anthropic and Perplexity have also been in discussions with Apple to bring their generative AI to Apple Intelligence.

Separately, Apple has reportedly been in discussions with Alphabet’s Google for a potential tie-up and is also looking at partnerships with other AI companies for region-specific offerings. This would help it to, for example, work around local regulations such as those currently in China where ChatGPT is banned.

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