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Apple May Ditch Physical SIM Cards After iPhone 14

Future iPhones following the soon to be released iPhone 14 may ditch physical SIM cards, according to a new report revealing Apple is pushing towards eSIM technology.

According to Bloomberg’s resident Apple expert Mark Gurman, the US tech giant already fits their iPhone’s, Apple Watches and iPads with eSIM tech, and would prefer to remove physical SIM slots altogether to free up real estate that could be used for larger batteries and other hardware.

“Apple will give eSIM a bigger push this time around, with carriers preparing to steer users toward the digital, embedded SIM cards rather than physical ones,” said Gurman in his Power On newsletter.

“In fact, Apple has considered removing the physical SIM card slot altogether beginning either this year or next for some models.”

Apple moving to an eSIM only model would likely have a major affect on the offerings from other companies. When it first decided to ditch it’s headphone jack, it was initially mocked by rival Samsung, before the Korean tech giant soon followed suite.

Apple is set to host it’s ‘Far out’ event on September 7th, where it will reveal it’s iPhone 14 range. It is expected to be available for purchase on September 16th.

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