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Apple Launch New Smart Battery Cases

Apple has resurrected its bulky battery case with a sleek redesign for the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR available now for $199 across all models.

The Smart Battery Case can extend your device’s battery life for up to 39 hours of talk time (on the XR) and has smoothed out the unpopular lump from the iPhone 6/6s released in 2015 for a sleeker look, although still bulky.

The battery case plugs into the Lightning connector of the iPhone and keeps it charged until the case drains completely.

The case can be charged eighter through the lightning connector and also supports Qi wireless charging, removing the need to plug it in to recharge and leaving a Lightning port free for wired charging, transferring data, or connecting headphones.

The Smart Battery Case also supports fast charging via USB-PD chargers.

Like the earlier model, the “Smart” portion comes mostly from its integration with iOS, and while the case is plugged in, its battery status will display on the device’s lock screen and Notification Centre.

The case is available in black or white for all three models and features a soft silicone finish on the exterior and microfibre lining on the interior.

Although built for the XS, XS Max, and XR, there are reports that the XS model is compatible with the iPhone X.

The Smart Battery Case is priced at A$199 for all models.

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