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Apple To Follow Android With Reverse Wireless Charging

We’ve already enjoyed reverse charging on Android phones from several brands. Now – while Apple are still working on refining the tech – it seems they’re keen to join the party, with reports suggesting the tech will be part of the iPhone 14.

Still, sources say Apple are still perfecting the full reverse charging technology for iPhones. This advance lets you use your phone as a wireless charging pad, so you can charge other products that support wireless charging, even TWS earbuds that have charging cases that support the same tech.

But industry chat suggests that, while Apple had hoped to debut reverse wireless charging on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, they didn’t hit their targets. That means the computing giants are now hustling to get it all going.

If you look at the iPhone’s evolution, ever since the 12 series Apple have incorporated elements to enable reverse wireless charging. The problem has been, however, that this feature has been deactivated for a variety of reasons. Still, once Apple fully support reverse wireless charging we can expect iPhones to have the capability to charge any Qi-enabled accessory – including, funnily enough, AirPods…

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