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Apple iOS 13.4 Beta Allows You To Unlock Your Car From Your Phone

The popular function that enables owners to unlock their cars through apps on their smartphones is becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers.

Telsa and Volvo were early adopters to jump on this technology – but we’re yet to see it offered direct from your smartphone.

According to a report by 9to5Mac, that could soon change. The publication claims to have found a feature called CarKey in the iOS 13.4 beta that was launched on Wednesday, which enables near-field communication system (NFC) to communicate with compatible cars.

Because this feature is a part of iOS and uses existing hardware, it’s set to work both with the iPhone and perhaps even an iPhone Watch.

(Photo: Peter Kneffel/dpa)

However, unfortunately the iPad has not been fitted with NFC capability, so consumers won’t be able to unlock their cars through that device, which shouldn’t be too much of a compromise.

An interesting aspect of the new feature is that it reportedly won’t require the phone to be unlocked with Face ID. Although this seems to be a potential security flaw, so expect changes to be announced.

Additionally, according to reports, the feature would also be able to be used even if your phone has a dead battery, which is hard to envision at this stage.

Apple has declined to comment on the details of this article.

(Apple/PA Wire)

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