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Apple Interrupt Google With Wireless Beats Headphones

Apple has unveiled the Beats Solo Pro wireless headphones on the same day as the Google Pixel 4 event in an attempt to disrupt their big day.

The Solo Pro wireless headphones will be available 30th of October and will set you back $429.95 and bring noise cancellation to the on-ear form factor that Beats has become well known for over the years.

Pre-orders are currently available on Apple’s website.

Seemingly an upgrade to the Solo 3 Wireless headphones, this pair has been rebranded to match the Pro moniker given to the Powerbeats and are being positioned as its flagship model as part of a “next generation” of products led by the aforementioned Powerbeats Pro true wireless earbuds.

Luke Wood, president of Beats by Dre said the Solo Pro headphones come with ‘phenomenal acoustics, multiple listening modes and a progressive design’.

Beats has ported its “pure ANC” adaptive noise cancellation technology from the Studio 3 wireless headphones, making some adjustments to fit the on-ear design.

The added noise cancellation can be activated via a circular bottom on the base of the left ear cup, where the 3.5 mmm jack was previously located, ruling out wired playback when the batteries run dry unless you have a Lightning port adapter.

A built-in transparency mode is the opposite of the noise-cancelling feature, allowing the users to hear ambient noise more clearly.

Unfortunately, both features cannot be adjusted other than turning it on or off.

The audio post-processing is possible thanks to the included Apple H1 chip, which allows for active noise cancellation and always-on voice assistant activation.

Siri is accessible hands-free, and the new instant pairing and audio sharing found in the Apple AirPods has also been made available in the Solo Pros.


The Solo Pros boast re-engineered 40mm drivers that Beats claim to produce “exceptional frequency response with lower total harmonic distortion.”

Battery life promises 22 hours of listening with ANC or transparency mode enabled, or 40 hours if the features are turned off.

Quick charging is also available for three hours of audio playback with just 10 minutes of charge.

Plus thanks to the ‘fold to power off’ feature, battery life is more easily conserved with users able to avoid forgetting to turn off the wireless headphones when storing them away.

Multi-function controls on the right earcup make navigating music and activating voice commands a simple task.

The design reveals the metal sliders from beneath the plastic outer shell for a better aesthetic, though not much else has changed from the classic look of the Beats headphones.

Colour choices include black, ivory, grey, dark blue, light blue and red, with the latter three being limited edition Pharrell Williams versions.

“Extensive testing with users” has resulted in an improved synthetic leather ear cushion redesign for a softer, more comfortable and more secure fit.

The clamping force of the headphones was even adjusted to prevent skull strain in extended use.

Collaborating artist Pharell Williams hopes the ‘audio experience
inspires creativity’ in the ‘sound-focused headphones’.

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