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Apple HomePod Starting To Be Shipped

Apple has begun shipping its long awaited smart speaker, the HomePod with an initial shipment of one million units being dispatched, according to reports.

The Taipei Times reports Inventec, one of two manufacturers for the tech giant is shipping the first instalments of the Apple smart speakers.

A source close to the publication says, “The Taiwanese company has begun HomePod shipments. However, revenue contribution from the product to Inventec is expected to be limited this quarter, as the initial shipment is not large.”

Late last year, Apple decided to postpone its release of the HomePod until early this year with the company saying it ‘we need a little bit more time before its ready for our customers’.

Sources say it will be priced at $349 and be a high end smart speaker. Theories have been tossed around in regards to the Apple HomePod release being pushed back with some experts saying its price wasn’t competitive with Amazon Alexa and Google Home especially when they both dropped their prices on some of their devices.

It is only a matter of time before Apple announced more information on its take on the smart speaker.

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