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Apple Joins Netflix & Disney With Price Rise

After Netflix and Disney raised their streaming subscriptions by $2, Apple has today, increased their prices of Apple TV+ and Apple News+.

Subscribers will see the price rise for Apple TV+ go up and if recent pricing is anything to go on, a $5.00 price is tipped, with U.S. cost rising from US$6.99 to US$9.99, while Apple News+ has been priced at $12.99, up from $9.99.

Like other streaming giants, Apple is raising its rates to spur growth in a highly competitive market.

TV+ was initially offered at $8 a month when it launched in 2019 and since then, has only had one other price increase in its four-year history.

Apple’s services division, which generates a fifth of its revenue, is working to become a leading destination for streaming content and the company is planning to revamp its TV app later this year to bring together its various video platforms.

Apple is seeking to navigate more consumers toward the app, which is a primary target of its expanding video strategy.

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