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Apple Finally Works Out Consumers Are Streaming 4K Content

Finally, Apple has realised that consumers are buying 4K TV’s and want to stream 4K content.

Tim Cook said, “I am so excited to introduce Apple TV 4K!” He failed to explain why it’s taken Apple so long.

He also tried to make out that 4K HDR is big, maybe someone should tell him that a lot of Apple competitors have had HDR for a while now!

Ironically no one applauded when Tim turned to Apple TV.

“Throughout the history of the TV, there’s been a few key inflection points that have transformed the way we experience television.” Going through the history of black and white to HD.

The most recent version of Apple’s Apple TV box is no game-changer, for the company or its customers and neither will the new 4K box.

Apple TV 4K starts at RRP A$249 For 32GB or RRP A$279 for 64GB, joining Apple TV (4th generation) 32GB at RRP A$209, available from apple.com/au and Apple Stores, as well as through select Apple Authorised Resellers and carriers (prices may vary).

Like many of today’s Apple announcements, this is one we’ve heard about in advance. The new version of Apple TV will cost $179 — the same price as the current generation of the box — and will go on sale Sept. 15. It will start shipping on Sept. 22,

After Cook came Apple media boss Eddy Cue.

He said that Apple has worked out deals with the major movie studios, which will sell 4k versions of their movies from Apple’s iTunes store.

The studios had wanted to charge a premium for those movies, but Cue said Apple will sell them for the same price it currently sells HD movies — generally around $20 for a new release. And Cue said that Apple customers who have previously bought HD movies can have them automatically upgraded to 4k.
In the meantime, Apple is making a few other tweaks to Apple TV’s software. A new version of its built-in “TV” app will now showcase live sports, and will highlight certain games based on your team/sport preferences, Cue said.

This will not happen in Australia.

Another thing you won’t be able to get with the new Apple TV, for now: An Amazon Video app, which Apple had previously promised. As we mentioned last month, that one isn’t ready yet. But Cue said it is still coming this year.

Customers will be able to order both Apple TV 4K models beginning Friday 15 September, with availability beginning Friday 22 September. For more information, visit apple.com/au/tv.