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Apple Shows “No Tolerance” & Fires Engineer For Daughter’s iPhone X Video

Apple has fired a member of its engineering team, after his daughter posted a Youtube video which displayed the features of the new iPhone X – some commentators have described the move as “absolutely appalling”, given the large number of individuals who’d already published a hands-on iPhone X video prior to the engineer’s daughter.

YouTuber, Brooke Amelia Peterson, affirms she had “no idea” how her video gained so much traction “considering how many other iPhone X videos there are out there from other YouTubers”.

Ms Peterson has described Apple’s actions as a display of “no tolerance”:

“At the end of the day, when you work for Apple, it doesn’t matter how good of a person you are, if you break a rule they just have no tolerance”

“I was on the trending page … My dad was a privileged engineer who worked on the iPhone X and he had one. After Apple released their keynote, after plenty of Youtubers posted YouTube videos, hands-on iPhone X videos, I made a YouTube video about the iPhone X.”

In her video, Ms Peterson displays her excitement for the new flagship device, which featured the iPhone X for about one minute, and did not reveal any major trade secrets.

Peterson claims she immediately took down the video, however, it was enough of an infringement on Apple’s employee policy to warrant her father being let go.

The Californian-based company has a strict policy concerning employees’ conduct for handling confidential in-house information.

Ms Peterson’s footage did notably feature private employee-only QR codes, and a notes app displaying product codenames.

Some commentators have queried whether Apple’s enforcement of its strict employee policy, is potentially also a way to reduce staff numbers in light of the recent downturn in iPhone 8 sales.

When interviewed by Gizmodo, both Ms Peterson and her father attest that neither are bitter at the company over the incident.

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