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Apple Debuts Its First Ever Gaming Robot

Apple today launched its first ever gaming robot. The new mechanical spider connects to consumer smartphones and is capable of augmented reality warfare.

After four years of development the new mechanical spider is finally having its moment to shine stated by Silas Adekunle founder and CEO of Bristol-Based company Reach Robotics.

“It will feel surreal to see them finally in stores after spending years building these robots from scratch,”

The new gaming mechanical spider is called the MekaMon and uses four infrared sensors to measure distance, location, and wage attacks on opponents.

It has detachable legs, shield, and various weapons. Using the infrared sensors, it can navigate around the real-world and be controlled by a smartphone. The toy connects to an app via Bluetooth and can locate other robots in any area.

The robot is used to play a game set in the year 2076 following an alien invasion on Earth where humans use the MekaMon fight and take back their homes. The game has three different modes, a story mode, arcade mode, or a battle with friend’s mode.

Mr Adekunle is proud of what they have accomplished and believes the game will grow and adapt over time with every user.

“Most gaming hardware gets tedious after a while, we wanted to build our robots to grow and adapt with users over time.”

The new mechanical Spider will set you back $300 and is available now through the Apple store.

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