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Apple Apps Store Rakes In $500 Billion

SAN FRANCISCO: Apple says consumers and advertisers spent more than US$519 billion through apps last year and its App Store facilitated more than half a trillion dollars in billings and sales.

The results were revealed in a study by Analysis Group,  commissioned by the iPhone maker.

According to the study, $413 billion came from physical goods and services, including $268 billion via retail apps, $57 billion via travel apps, $40 billion via ride-hailing apps, and $31 billion via food delivery apps. 

$61 billion was generated from digital goods and services and $41 billion from in-app advertising.

Apple takes a cut between 15 and 30 percent from purchases of software or digital goods from apps distributed through the App Store.

The figures don’t include revenue from Apple’s own app subscriptions, such as Apple Music.

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