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Apple And Samsung Display Part Ways, Cancel OLED iPad Project

Apple and Samsung Display have parted ways.

This means that their supposedly collaborative project – the OLED iPad – will now be put on ice indefinitely and remain a pipe dream forever.

South Korean publication, TheElec reported that the two tech giants will no longer develop the 10.86-inch OLED iPad due to two reasons. 

People familiar with the matter said the project met its doom as the two companies could not agree on the product’s outlook and profitability structure. 

Each company had their own opinions on how the new collaborative iPad should look and did not want to budge.

Apple was more keen on a certain layout for the product while Samsung was not. 

As for the South Korean company the final straw came when they could not agree on the profitability structure for the product. 

“Profitability is an issue for Samsung Display.  

“Unless the company can be certain that the 10.86-inch OLED iPad will be sold for a long time, preparing for the back-end module process for the products can be costly for the South Korean company,” the report said.

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