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Android Users At Risk From Password Stealing Malware

Cybersecurity experts have discovered new malware that is putting billions of Android users at risk. The malware, named ERMAC 2.0 after the ERMAC banking trojan that was found last year, was discovered by experts from ESET.

The malware works by posing as one of 467 well known apps, and then requesting up to 43 different device permissions. If approved, those in control of the malware may be able to take control of the device, gaining access to device credentials, SMS and contact access, audio recording, read and write access, storage read and banking information.

Further information supplied by Tech Radar says that permissions can create a list of installed apps on the device, and harvests data when users log in.

ERMAC 1.0 worked in a similar way, making use of 378 fake apps.

A report from Cycle Research Labs says that the malware is available for rent for $5,000 USD ($6,952.17 AUD) a month, $2,000 USD more than ERMAC 1.0.

According to BleepingComputer, devices running Android 11 and 12 are safe thanks to restrictions on Accessibility Service abuse. Despite this, users have been advised not to download apps outside of the Google Play Store.

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