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Android 15 To Prevent Bluetooth Being Turned Off

Google’s upcoming Android 15 update could prevent owners from completely turning off Bluetooth connection.

Sources have claimed the requirement for Bluetooth to power the upcoming Find My Device network, could end up limiting the user’s ability to have manual control over connectivity.

This means, if the user disables Bluetooth, they will also disable Find My Device. Google prefers to keep as many devices as possible connected to Bluetooth at all times, as Find My Device relies on interconnectivity to pinpoint locations.

A solution could be a Bluetooth ‘auto-on’ option, which would temporarily disable the feature, rather than turning it on again.

Sources found multiple references to Bluetooth auto-on while investigating an Android 15 developer preview. This will reportedly automatically override the user’s preference if they don’t intervene. This means turning Bluetooth off is actually pausing it.

It was revealed a string of code hinted at a prompt to “automatically turn on again tomorrow,” however, it remains unclear whether this instruction can be ignored.

Sources believe this can be ignored, meaning Bluetooth would be permanently disabled until it’s manually reenabled via Quick Settings.

The code also reportedly states Bluetooth will still be deployed to search for devices nearby, even when it’s turned off. This setting can also allegedly be altered inside the Bluetooth settings.

“When Bluetooth is on, your device can communicate with other nearby Bluetooth devices. Features like Quick Share, Find My Device, and device location use Bluetooth. Apps and services can still scan for nearby devices at any time, even when Bluetooth is off. This can be used, for example, to improve location-based features and services. You can change this in Bluetooth scanning settings.”

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