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Android 13 Surpasses Older Versions with 22.4% Market Share

Android 13 is currently the most popular operating system on the market, having raised its share up to 22.4% from 15% after its most recent update in May.

Consumers utilise Android on everything from smartwatches, to tablets and smartphones, however, many older devices still run on outdated versions, exposing users to cyber threats.

Android smartphone makers have often unsuccessfully delivered prompt software updates, which is not completely surprising given the diversity and complexity of the devices they produce.

Unlike Apple’s iOS, Android’s OS usage is divided among various versions of the operating system for Android, such as Android 9 still having an 11% usage rate currently. The cause for this is mainly due to how manufacturers handle updates.

The most current data, however, now shows this issue is correcting, with Android 13 now the most used.

Additionally, Android updates have reached not only new phones but also existing ones in the market, which is evident with Android 12 dropping from 16.3% to 15.8%. While Android 11 has also gone down from 23.1% to 21.6%.

Unfortunately, the update process remains Android’s most significant challenge because many older devices go for years without the latest updated versions, which frustrates users and subjects them to potential security risks.

See the list below of Android versions:

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