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Android 11 Makes Smart Home Control Easier Than Ever

Google has launched its new mobile operating system, Android 11, featuring a slew of new privacy updates, communication efficiencies, and smart home controls which make managing multiple devices easier than ever.

Recognising the sheer volume of communication across multiple apps, Android 11 will feature a dedicated space within the notifications section to combine apps and manage conversations from one space.

Disclosed in a blog post, the feature will allow users to better prioritise replies, and avoid missing messages.

‘Bubbles’ will also make multitasking better, facilitating responding to important conversations without having to switch between apps.

Forgoing the need to download third-party apps, Android 11 will also debut built-in screen recording, capable of recording sound with your mic, device or both.

Smart home connectivity will also be enhanced via long-pressing the power button to easily display a users’ smart devices in one place – also forging the need to open multiple apps.

The feature is set to be a significantly beneficial for emerging smart home users, with multiple apps often a gripe for less tech savvy users less reliant on third-party apps. The feature also seeks to uplift Google in the connected home market, versus the ecosystem of Apple.

For Android Enterprise users, Android 11 will deploy privacy protections that were on a personally-owned device to a company-owned device. It will allow a company’s IT department to manage a work profile device without monitoring personal data or phone activity.

Android Auto will now also work wirelessly for all phones running Android 11 on a compatible vehicle.

Android 11 is slated to start rolling out on selected “OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO and realme phones, with more partners launching and upgrading devices over the coming months.”

Read Google’s full Android 11 blog post here, with snippet of the new features in action below:

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