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Analogue’s New Device Brings Back Old Nintendo 64 Games

Analogue, a retro game hardware maker, has revealed it will release a new device, the Analogue 3D, which will have full compatibility for Nintendo 64 (N64) next year.

Building up a recent reputation for creating consoles/handhelds that allow users to play their old games, and now the Analogue 3D promises to bring back games for Nintendo’s first 3D games console.

The company created a new webpage for the device, a console that will “provide 100% compatibility in every region.” This means all N64 games from the US, EU, and Japan with “no emulation.”

In order to achieve this, Analogue are using field programmable gate array (FPGA) technology to run the device just like an original N64 console.

They are also promising a 4K resolution output for modern TVs, with “reference quality recreations of specific model CRT’s and PVM’s,” and “Original Display Modes.”

The console is set to support wireless Bluetooth and 2.4G, as well as feature 4x original controller ports.

There aren’t any more solid details as of yet, however the full release is set for next year. Some teaser images have been released, along with a wireless controller that will launch alongside the console.

This announcement is seeing Analogue making a huge leap from Nintendo’s 8 and 16bit machines, to the 64bit console, playing host to some early 3D classics.

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