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AMD Targets Intel With Rebranded Ryzen CPUs

AMD is set to overhaul its mobile processor branding strategy with AI features highlighted in a bid to take on Intel.

Golden Pig, a leaker, said on the Bilibili forums that AMD is allegedly dropping its existing Ryzen nomenclature for its next-generation Zen 5 mobile processors.

The new branding is expected to be “Ryzen AI” followed by a 300-series number.

Gizmochina reported that an earlier leak of Asus suggested the possibility of a 100-series numbering scheme for the first Ryzen AI processors.

However, Golden Pig’s report suggests AMD has opted to skip ahead to the 300-series to trump Intel’s rumored “inferior” 200-series numbering for their next-generation Lunar Lake/Arrow Lake processors.

AMD will highlight the inclusion of a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) in these chips, a key component for Microsoft’s new Copilot+ AI PCs.

Gizmochina adds that, the “Ryzen AI” branding would, if these leaks are true, likely include AMD’s entire mobile processor lineup featuring their XDNA NPU technology including Strix Point, the codename for AMD’s next-generation mainstream Ryzen mobile processors succeeding the Ryzen 8040 series.

Strix Point is expected to feature Zen 5 CPU architecture, RDNA 3.5 graphics, and an XDNA2 NPU with around 30 TOPS of performance. Strix Halo, the codename for AMD’s high-performance mobile APU designed to compete with the likes of Apple’s M3/M4 processors, could also come under the “Ryzen AI” umbrella.

Earlier this month, a raft of PC manufacturers announcing Copilot+ PCs this week including Microsoft, HP, Asus, Lenovo, Samsung and Dell, there was one glaring similarity between them all – each of them offered Qualcomm chips.

Intel confirmed recently that its Lunar Lake chips – its first to support all the Copilot+ AI features – will break cover in Q3 2024. That chip will be introduced in more than 80 new laptops from over 20 hardware partners, says Intel.

Notably, Intel also confirmed that it will ship more than 40 million AI PC chips this year. These will include an onboard neural processing unit for generative AI features.

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