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As Sonos struggles with their Sonos One, Amazon has taken the game right up to the recently listed US sound Company with several new products that put Amazon Echo gear in a whole new networked sound league where integration to other sound gear and control systems are at the forefront.

Amazon today announced a new Echo Link Amp which delivers 60 watts per channel and includes a mix of analogue and digital inputs and outputs, including optical, coaxial, and Ethernet connections. People who already have an AV receiver can now get the Echo Link, which bridges with a receiver and speakers.

Both accessories will be “coming “soon” to Australia, The Sonos One speaker emulates Amazon Alexa and is not 24bit.

The new Amazon audio technology introduces Alexa voice control to existing audio systems, including support for multi-room listening. Owners will need a separate Echo speaker or the Alexa app, to issue commands.

The new Echo Sub can be preordered today and is designed to pair with a second-generation Echo or Echo Plus and can in fact create a 2.1-channel audio setup when two speakers are connected.

Amazon has also released the Echo Auto which mounts to a car’s dash and connects to Alexa through an iPhone or Android device, while pumping sound through a car’s stereo.

The device provides most of the voice commands of a regular Echo but adds location-based routines (automations) as well as the ability to have Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Waze pop up on a phone when asking for directions.

Preorders are available only by invitation for a 2018 ship date.

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