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Retailer’s Staff Caught Stealing $800,000 Worth Of iPhones

Five Amazon employees have been arrested for stealing €500,000 ($800,000) worth of iPhones from a logistics centre in Madrid, Spain.

Spanish tech site iPadizate reports the suspects were caught after the ecommerce giant launched a covert investigation after significant disparities were observed in the weights of boxes.

Hidden cameras at the Spanish logistics centre revealed the suspects, who had been sneakily slipping iPhones into other parcels.

One suspect reported himself voluntarily while the remaining four were apprehended at the site.

The workers were found to have ten iPhones in their possession and were also carrying a large number of stickers with IMEI numbers, believed to be torn from boxes to slow down the investigation.

An ongoing operation is still determining if any more workers are taking part in the mass iPhone theft.

The scheme was to ship iPhones in parcels to accomplices who had ordered cheaper items.

Amazon estimates over A$800,000 had been stolen from the company.

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