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Amazon, Samsung Invest In Air-Powered Bluetooth Chip

Amazon, Samsung and several other tech companies have reportedly invested in new air-powered Bluetooth chip, with full release planned for 2020.

Considered the world’s first battery-free Bluetooth chip, the device harnesses power from the air.

Paper-thin and the size of a postage stamp, the chip senses weight and temperature, and can send encrypted information via Bluetooth up to 3 metres.

The chip comes as the ‘connected home’ era continues to gain traction, with IoT capabilities expanding to apparel and shoes too.

Instead of requiring battery power, the chip pulls its energy from ambient Bluetooth, cellular signals and Wi-Fi.

As per Futurismthe chip was demonstrated by Israel-based semiconductor company, Wiliot, at the National Retail Federation expo. The company claims its raised an additional $30 million in funding, with investors such as Amazon and Samsung.

The company claims without batteries or other expensive components, the tags can easily be embedded inside products which were otherwise unconnected to the Internet of Things (IoT).

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