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Amazon Offers $10 Credit To Track Shoppers

Amazon has asked consumers just how much their privacy is worth, with news it’s offering US Prime Day shoppers US$10 credit to track their online activity.

The offer asks customers to download the Amazon Assistant web browser plug-in – a comparison shopping tool which displays Amazon’s product prices versus visited websites (e.g. Target.com, Walmart.com).

As per Reuters, the tool gains access to a users’ web activity, with fine print revealing Amazon will use the data to improve its broader marketing efforts.

The tool gives Amazon the ability to tailor marketing to trump rivals, with a thorough understanding of user’s desires via web activity.

Commentators claim the data will likely be used to train machine learning algorithms to offer better advertising targeting.

The Prime Day Amazon Assistant offer reveals the extent the company is scoping for data, jumping from a US$5 credit in 2018 to US$10 this year.

To redeem the offer, consumers must install the plug-in from a landing page, be a Prime member and make a purchase via the assistant by August 2, 2019.

Some analysts claim Amazon Assistant – and the company’s broader tracking arsenal –  pales in comparison to tools currently used by Google.

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