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Amazon Launching Something New This Week

This week is going to be a for Amazon with several new products tipped to be launched early Wednesday morning. 

The  tech giant is set to announce a range of exciting and new Echo product range, one could be an Echo smart display intended for wall mounting.

The 15-inch screen, Bloomberg reports, is internally codenamed Hoya, and would act as an interface for the owner’s of smart homes.

According to Bloomberg, the company is working on several new initiatives at its Lab126 division, which created hit products like the original Echo and the Alexa voice assistant. 

The soundbar is tipped to have Alexa support built-in along with the possibility of a camera.

That would allow for video calls, much in the same way that Echo Show smart displays do now, only using the big-screen TV as the display.

Currently Amazon is working to shift its Echo hardware onto chips of its own design, with an in-house team looking to follow in Apple and Google’s path and make better use of custom silicon.

The publication reported that the Seattle-based company is holding a launch event for new devices and services on Sept 28.  

That is just one more sleep till all is unveiled! 

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