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Amazon Compared To Star Wars’ Death Star

Liberty Media chairman John Malone has called compared the online behemoth to the Star Wars enemy space station, the Death Star.

Speaking with CNBC Malone says Amazon could be the only company to beat Netflix.

Malone says, “[The internet] makes scale even more important in the media business, where scale always was important. It’s all about scale. [Netflix was] the first wave. And I think Jeff [Bezos] is gonna be the most disruptive. As [his] Death Star moves into striking range of every industry on the planet.”

He warns those in the B2C business saying “if you’re selling anything to any consumer anywhere on the planet, you gotta believe that Amazon is gonna have a look at that opportunity to commoditise you to use scale to serve the public.”

He also comments that the cable industry has ‘missed its opportunity to compete with Netflix’ and that ship has sailed.

Amazon has impacted businesses in Australia after being launched only a few months ago. One of those victims was Myer as it hit its lowest share price at 58 cents after recording poor sales during its stocktake sale last quarter.

Liberty Media owns the Formula One Group, SiriusXM Group and Braves Group.

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