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Aldi May Have Great Deals But Their Service At The Till Is ‘Shocking’.

You have to give it to Aldi they can deliver some cracker deals but unfortunately their customers service at the till is as bad as their deals are good.

Constantly and when I have ever shopped at an Aldi store, I have ended up in a queue at the till that is often 8 or 9 deep.

Then as the queues build, they have a habit of opening another line so that all the people behind you end up being served ahead of you.

Today I was in the North Sydney store which is one of the worst stores I have ever been in for service at the till.

After waiting in a Queue at a till I ended up returning my goods and walking out as no one should have to wait more than 8 minutes to get served when there is only two people in front of you.

The problem it appeared was that one customer had made a return but instead of taking the customer off line the person at the till struggled for more than 5 minutes just to identify the product being returned.

Customers forced to queue at Aldi store with only one register open.

It was a clear case of bugger the fact that the lines were knee deep in people waiting to be served.

Another factor that Aldi constantly fail to take into consideration is that stores like North Sydney primarily attract customers on lunch breaks and have very limited time.

Despite their being 4 till lines there is often only two operating as the queues build up.

I believe that customer service at the till is one of the most crucial elements of a retail stores operation because people hate waiting especially when they are in a rush.

While we have praised Aldi in the past for their bargains.

See latest story here we are also highly critical of their service attitude.

Does this mean that Aldi is really all about cheap deals surrounded by cheap service?

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