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AKAMAI REPORT: Oz In No. 7 Web Attack Spot

Australia was the No. 7 target internationally for global Web application attacks in the second quarter of this year, according to the latest State of the Internet Security report from the Akamai group.

And while Brazil took the global spotlight for sporting invasions at the recent Olympic Games, it also claimed top spot as host nation for origin of all Web application attacks – with the US a close second in the quarter, Akamai says.

It adds:  “The data sends a stern warning to any nations planning drawcard international events to ensure that their online security is as robust as border control” – a message presumably already occupying the minds of Australian officials involved in setting up security for the 2018 Commonwealth Games on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Akamai claims to have mitigated some 4919 attacks globally during Q2. “While attack sizes are decreasing, we continue to see an uptick in the number of attacks, as launch tools grow increasingly pervasive and easy to use and monetise,” said Martin McKeay, editor-in-chief of the State of the Internet / Security Report.

“This commoditisation renders businesses vulnerable to a higher frequency of attacks they can’t defend against on their own.

“As we look toward Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October, it is important for organisations to understand what they are up against, specifically as adversaries increasingly threaten DDoS attacks for ransom.”

Highlights of the Q2 report include:
– A 129 percent rise in the number of DDOS attacks, compared with Q2 last year, with the media and entertainment industries particular targets.
– A 14 percent increase in Web application attacks – with Brazil experiencing a 197pc rise in attacks sourced from that region, making it the top country of origin for all Web application attacks; and
– Detected automation tools and “scraping” campaigns representing 63 percent of all “bot” traffic – up 10 percent from Q1. The full report can be accessed at akamai.com/stateoftheinternet-security-report.