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AirBar Lets You Bring Your Own Touchscreen

One of the key barriers that separates the Apple MacBook from the iPad could be set to become a thing of the past, with a new accessory that allows users to turn an ordinary laptop display into a touch sensitive one.

The AirBar, as it’s called, is being built by Swedish company Neonode and is set to roll out to customers who pre-order within the next few weeks.

According to Neonode, “AirBar comes in the form of a sleek bar that attaches to the bottom of a display with magnets and connects instantly to the laptop through the USB port. AirBar projects a field of invisible light across the laptop screen, and knows exactly where your finger touches the screen.”

Once setup, the AirBar adds touch and gesture controls to any compatible display.

It’s a cool idea and, given Apple’s ongoing reluctance to roll a touch display into the MacBook, one that will likely strike a chord with some users.

The only real limitation here is sizing. The Windows 10 version of the AirBar comes in 13.3, 14 and 15.6-inch models. Meanwhile, Mac users are restricted to the 13.3-inch MacBook Air model. At least for now.

Neonode say that the accessories requires no software installation for use with Windows 10 devices but will require a small firmware update for Mac owners.

Pricing for the AirBar starts at $79 plus shipping. Further information can be found on the AirBar website.