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Old Technology Still Outpacing New: Deloitte Report Surprises

Old Technology Still Outpacing New: Deloitte Report Surprises

The total time viewers spend watching video online through services like YouTube represents less than 3 per cent of all the video viewed globally, according to Deloitte’s annual Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions report.

Online viewing across the globe occupies about 10 billion hours a month, Deloitte estimates. That compares to more than 360 billion hours of video watched around the world every month – either live on TV sets in family living rooms, or on “catch-up” services such as the ABC’s iView.

“While there are some eye-watering statistics on the popularity of YouTube stars with views in the billions, we believe that short form’s success should be respected but viewed in context,” Deloitte’s media partner Clare Harding told the ABC’s AM program.

“We think it is unlikely ever to be the predominant video format as measured by hours watched, or by revenues, both globally and in Australia. Internet streaming unlikely to ever challenge traditional TV.”

Other findings include:

– Mobile wallets won’t replace the traditional wallet yet, but 2015 will be a tipping point towards wider consumer adoption of in-store smartphone payments;

– Smartphone sales will soar this year, counter to previous industry predictions that the smartphone market will plateau. Deloitte predicts a more than one billion upgrades globally in 2015, signalling that the market has not yet matured or stagnated.

– The Internet has not killed the printed book market, with e-book sales plateauing. Print books globally will continue to dominate, accounting for 80 percent of all book sales.

– Non-military drone sales are booming with global sales of more than 300,000 machines expected in 2015. Australia will have its fair share, with industrial, organisational and civil government users – including Surf Lifesaving Australia – taking to the skies.

The 72-page report is at www.deloitte.com/au.