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Adobe Takes On Canva With Freemium Creative Cloud Offering

Adobe has eyed Canva’s recent A$55b valuation with interest, launching a freemium offering to compete with the quick-rising Aussie design software company.

The Photoshop maker launched Creative Cloud Express overnight, a suite of creative products aimed at the more general end of the market.

“This is a really interesting and important start of a long journey for us,” said David Wadhwani, Adobe’s chief business officer and executive vice president of digital media.

“Kids are three-times more likely to say they want to be YouTube stars than astronauts,” Wadhwani said.

“There’s a societal shift about engaging in an authentic way with people over digital. And the thing that fuels that engagement is the ability to create content.”

Adobe’s free version of Creative Cloud Express acts as a lure, training the next generation of creators to become familiar with its programs, such as Illustrator and Photoshop, before attempting to slide them across to its Creative Cloud paid offering.

“As we put things into products, does it increase engagement? If it does, we’ll double down,” Wadhwani claims “We have this unique opportunity to start to test frictionless flows into Creative Cloud.”


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