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Acer’s gaming brand Predator is delving deeper into the world of esports gaming with a new sponsorship deal with Rainbow Six Pro League and Majors – starting with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Pro League Season X.

Predator will act as the official PC and monitor sponsor for the competition providing its high-performance gaming equipment to the pro teams for both warm-ups, official offline matches as well as the major games.

Acer will also contribute fully-equipped high-performance hands-on areas on site for both players and esports enthusiasts.

The deal will also involve global giveaway competitions and unique in-game challenges.

“We’re seeing continued rapid growth within the esports scene and the quality of play that we’re witnessing year-on-year continues to blow us away,” said Darren Simmons, Acer’s Oceanic Managing Director.

“Acer is a putting its full support behind esports on a global level and we plan to continue equipping the worlds’ best players with our gaming hardware.”

The exclusive partnership will run across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America from June 2019 to November 2020, starting with Rainbow Six Pro League Season X.

The league attracts more than 45 million players globally and is expected to draw massive crowds with its increased prize pool of $626,000 for the Pro League season.

Global gaming revenues are tipped to generate US$152.1 billion in 2019, up 9.6% over last year.

Acer is uniquely positioned in Australia to support and influence both the gaming and education markets.

“Whilst we’re supporting esports at the highest levels, we’re also working with grass-roots here in Australia via META High School Esports to build the ecosystem from the ground up,” says Simmons.

“Players can develop skills such as in-game strategy, critical thinking and communication, whilst getting inspired to pursue careers in STEM through games. We want to see Australia become a force in global esports and, as with any sport, this requires investment in youth development.”

Find out more about Acer’s latest eSports partnership here.

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