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Acer Heading In New Direction Big Wall Displays A Growth Market

Acer Australia who are already a dominant player in the PC gaming education and B2b markets is set to change direction in 2019 by moving into the large commercial display market.

Recently set up in their Western Sydney head office is a striking wall display that would light up any retail store shopping mall or railway station.

The move comes as retailers in Australia look to invest in large format wall displays that allow them to deliver brand and product information in stores.

According to Acer CEO Darren Simmons retailers and operators of airline terminals and railway stations can get a return on their display investment by selling “information marketing” opportunities to brands especially if they are large traffic locations.

Globally Acer who have steered themselves into the #1 slot in PC gaming, which is the fastest growing of the sub PC markets and the category, that is causing grief for Intel who are struggling to keep up with demand for premium processors is moving into new markets which management believe will deliver growth in the future.

Acer Founder Stan Shih

Last year the founder of Acer Stan Shih took me aside at an event in Taipei to outline his vision for not only Acer but the Taiwanese technology market.

Some of what he talked to me about is now coming to fruition with Acer now implementing a new project seeking to incubate more profitable subsidiaries that he claims will deliver “more value” for society.

He claims start up business need to take into consideration the value that technology “Will deliver to a fast-changing society” where technology is playing a key part in our lives today.

He said that what is now being rolled out by Acer will take 3-5 years to deliver a return on investment and that automation technology for governments building out highways or managing growing Cities such as Sydney will need this technology to deliver ‘sustainable environments” where utilities and power can be easily controlled.

Under the plan, subsidiaries including StarVR, AOpen, Acer Cyber Security (ACSI), Acer ITS, Altos, Acer SoftDepot, Weblink International and International Smart Union (ISU) will go public, with Acer as the flagship of the fleet of listed firms.

So far, StarVR, AOpen and ACSI have been listed in the TPEx’s Emerging Stock Board, yet with extremely low transaction volumes due to low market recognition.

But Shih said it will take time for Acer subsidiaries to boost revenues and market recognition.

ACSI, for instance, is actively extending its business tentacles abroad as their market penetration in Taiwan has reached saturation, and it will take 3-5 years for the company’s efforts to pay off in developing overseas markets.

Shih said that Acer will command controlling stakes in each of its subsidiaries to pave the way for their future cooperation with the parent company.

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