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ACCC Seeks Submissions On Domestic Mobile Roaming

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is seeking feedback on whether to declare wholesale domestic mobile roaming.

The ACCC released a discussion paper today as part of an inquiry that will determine if consumers should be able to use the networks of other operators when outside the coverage of their own service provider.

“Mobile coverage and choice of service provider are important issues for Australians, particularly those living in regional, rural and remote areas. This inquiry will explore the extent to which domestic mobile roaming would promote competition among providers and its effect on investment in mobile infrastructure,” ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said. 

Industry, consumer and other interests groups, as well as members of the general public, are invited to contribute theirs views on a range of issues that will determine whether the ACCC will introduce regulation to declare domestic mobile roaming. The ACCC identified the major issues that will determine their decision as:

  • the current state of competition for mobile services and whether there are barriers to extending mobile networks in regional Australia
  • the effect that declaring a mobile roaming service may have upon competition
  • the extent and nature of investment which has taken place in mobile networks since the last declaration inquiry
  • the effect a declaration may have on  mobile network operators’ incentives to invest in extending and improving their networks
  • the importance of geographic coverage for consumers and mobile service providers’ ability to compete

The last inquiry into the issue occurred over ten years ago. For further information and to make a submission, the ACCC have established an online consultation hub.

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