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ACCC Reveals Obvious Flaws In NBN Speed

Dear punter. In this ever-increasing work/play -from-home reality we’ve landed in, existing on an NBN fixed-line plan, welcome to download speed on an average of 97.2 per cent of plan speed, plus upload speeds of 84.9 per cent through busier sessions, which was proven reality by the AACCC between 7pm to 11pm in September 2021.

“Upload speed determines how fast you can send information from your computer or device to the internet, which is particularly important for working from home, online gaming  and uploading files to cloud storage,” says the ACCC.

They go on to acknowledge, “Given the growing importance of upload speeds to how consumers use their broadband services, the ACCC is keeping a close eye on how clear retailers are with their customers on about upload speeds, and we will consider any necessary amendments to our Broardband Speeds Claims Guidance for industry.”

Their findings state that in september 2021, NBN fixed wireless services hit an average upload performance of 56.2 per cent of plan speeds during all hours.

Meanwhile, NBN fixed wireless upload speeds varied and cut back to 44.8 per cent during hectic times.

The increase in meetings through video calls is also coming into the fray.

“A typical video conference will require 2 Mbps of available upload,” explains the ACCC, “which means some consumers might have trouble achieving high quality while video conferencing, particularly if there are multiple conferences occurring.”

During busy hours through August and October, average upload speeds for the Fixed Wireless Plus plan hit a max of 4.7Mbps. For the 25/5Mbps NBN fixed wireless plan, average upload speeds hit a max of 4Mbps during peak.

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