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ACCC Release Latest NBN Quarterly Indicators Report

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has released its sixth quarterly National Broadband Network Wholesale Market Indicators Report, revealing there are now at least five access seeker groups acquiring wholesale services directly from NBN Co.

“There are now over 20 access seekers directly connected to NBN Co’s network compared with 14 access seekers when the first report was produced in 2015,” ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said.

In terms of the most-major indicators, the ACCC say NBN added to 440,269 since the last reporting period to a total of 2,511,392.

They noted that competitors to Telstra in regional areas are consistently maintaining higher market shares compared to traditional broadband services.

The average CVC capacity acquired per user has also increased by almost 10% to 1.09mbs during the quarter. Interestingly, the ACCC says it is currently consulting with industry about whether further information relating to the amount of CVC capacity acquired and the utilisation of that capacity by each access seeker group should be reported by NBN Co.

The ACCC also notes that most popular speed tier continues to be 25/5 Mbps. Meanwhile, FTTN and HFC wholesale access services continue to increase as a proportion of overall access services.

The regulator say FTTN has increased from 102,293 to 906,662 over the last 12 months while the number of services connected via HFC increased from 14,551 to 153,371 over the last 6 months.

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