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Jawbone Sheds Light On The Keys To Weight Loss Success

Jawbone Sheds Light On The Keys To Weight Loss SuccessBy way of comparison, Jawbone looked at the habits of users most successful in losing weight with the UP fitness tracking system – defined as losing at least 10 per cent of their starting body weight – compared to those who did not lose weight over the same period of time.

The research reveals the main point of difference was UP users with major weight loss logged 75 per cent more meals per week, with Jawbone noting the data supports evidence from other studies that keeping a food diary is one of the most effective long-term strategies to help people lose weight and keep it off.

Users successful in recording weight loss also logged 60 per cent more workouts per week.

This was followed by 43 per cent beating their step goal more often and 17 per cent averaging more steps per day, while 16 per cent logged more weigh-ins per week, 11 per cent had more team mates, and 8 per cent logged sleep more often per week.

Jawbone’s data additionally reveals the eating habits associated with weight loss success.

Of the users who tracked their eating habits and who lost a significant amount of weight, 49 per cent logged more healthy meals per week, according to the Jawbone Food Score, with these users logging 25 per cent more fibre, 13 per cent less fat, 13 per cent fewer calories, and 12 per cent less sugar per meal than people who did not lose weight.

These users also drank 33 per cent more water per week, and ate breakfast 30 per cent more often per week.

Jawbone notes the data reveals the importance  of “staying hydrated, consuming high-fibre foods and eating a healthy breakfast”.

“Breakfast is critical for kick-starting your metabolism and helps regulate your appetite throughout the day,” Jawbone observed. “Similarly, a high-fibre meal can help you feel full while also regulating insulin, a hormone that promotes fat storage.”

Internationally, Australians are making the most progress among UP users when it come to recording weight loss, with a nearly 60 per cent success-rate of users who were trying to lose weight, followed by Japan in second place and Germany in third, with the UK and France rounding out the top five.