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Computer, AV Sales Slump 7.8pc In Q3 Down Under: ABS

Computer, AV Sales Slump 7.8pc In Q3 Down Under: ABS

The figure is contained in ABS’s latest consumer price index, published in Canberra yesterday. It is part of Stats’ “recreation and culture” group which overall was up 0.2pc, apparently mainly due to increased spending on international travel and accommodation, up 4.6 percent.

Nor does the figure include spending on mobile phones, which is buried in a “communications” index, along with other telecoms equipment and services. Spending in that department was down 2 percent for the quarter, 4.1 percent for the last 12 months.

The recreation and culture group’s AV and computing equipment category includes spending on TV sets; video recorders; DVD players; home theatre systems; radios, CD players, portable sound and vision devices; e-book readers; cameras; optical instruments; desktop and laptop computers and printers; and – yes !- calculators (someone’s still buying them, apparently).

AV and computing equipment and telecoms were not the only categories to suffer in the September quarter. Spending on vegies was down 5.9pc, Stats reports; though that was offset by an 8.2 percent rise in spending on fruit – but then perhaps something seasonal was involved there, like the arrival of Imperial mandarin supplies – always eagerly awaited at CDN – not to mention broad beans and the season’s first mangoes.

So it seems that’s how it went in the quarter: mangoes and overseas holidays up, computers down. Possibly a reasonable choice for a relaxed life, Aussie style, in the view of some.

The overall CPI rose just 0.5pc in the quarter, compared with a 1.5pc jump in the same quarter last year. – DF