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COMMENT:HTC Really Has Something With Their New Re Camera

COMMENT:HTC Really Has Something With Their New Re Camera

The event dubbed ‘Double Exposure’ heralds a new direction for HTC who has been facing an uphill battle to grow market share in the brutal smartphone market that has a history of taking down big Companies such as Nokia and Blackberry.

The move to a new product category with a very smart camera dubbed the RE comes as Samsung realises that even their smartphone strategy has stalled. 

HTC CEO Peter Chou told ChannelNews that the new camera and a move to the development of software was “the start of a new future for HTC”. He said that his Company was currently developing several new products that work with a smartphone.

RE is a direct competitor to the highly popular Go Pro Hero 3, the big difference is that the HTC offering is stylish easy to operate and above all does not leave a using looking like a dork.

HTC designers admit that the device which has been in the making for 12 months will appeal to a lot more “mothers” than the Go Pro device.

Instead of a GO Pro box, which is more battery that functional stylish device the HTC RE fits in the snug of a hand or can be strapped to a person using one the many accessories. 

Looking like a periscope I suspect that this device could well take off especially among mothers or people who want an easy to use waterproof device that has clearly been well thought out.

Devoid of a display screen users can link the camera to a multitude of devices including Apple and Android smartphones to tablets. 

Using a new HTC app users can easily manage content with a quick edit or transfer to the cloud. 

HTC CEO Peter Chou claims that the device creates a new class of mobile experience.

The device comes at a critical time for HTC a Company that has an excellent reputation for designing and delivering devices but struggles to market their devices to the masses. 

They don’t have the budgets of Samsung or Apple but they do appear to have a design edge over several other manufacturers. 

HTC officials at the event admitted that the Company is currently working with Google and they are tipped to be the search Company’s new smartphone maker.  
Retailers at the New York event told ChannelNews that they are very excited about the new camera. 

“It is sub $200 which is cheaper than the Go Pro, has enormous appeal for women and people out socialising and is highly functional. This is an ideal Xmas present and we anticipate selling thousands” said a Best Buy executive.