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Drone Delivery: Consumers Keen For Next-Gen Shopping

Drone Delivery: Consumers Keen For Next-Gen ShoppingThe 2015 Future of Retail Study by public relations firm Walker Sands has found American consumers are primed to welcome the next-gen technologies as part of the online shopping experience.

With online shopping becoming routine and mobile payments representing the next frontier of mainstream adoption, the survey of more than 1,400 US consumers found 66 per cent think they will receive their first drone-delivered package in the next five years, while 65 per cent are interested in trying virtual reality shopping.

Drone-delivered packages could accelerate the push towards the majority of purchases being made online, with four out of five consumers saying drone delivery to their doorstep within an hour would make them more likely to purchase from a retailer.

Consumers are also willing to pay for faster delivery, with almost 80 per cent saying they are willing to pay for drone delivery if their order arrived within an hour and 48 percent saying they would pay at least US$5.

Most consumers would trust drone delivery with at least one type of product, however fewer consumers are prepared to trust drones with more expensive and luxury items.

Meanwhile, virtual reality is set to make an impact on more than just the gaming world.

The study found 35 per cent of consumers would shop more online if they were able to try products on virtually.

Among the respondents, 66 per cent said they would be interested in virtual shopping, 63 per cent said they expect such capabilities to change the way they shop, and 35 per cent said it would make them more open to purchasing more online.

“Similar to drone delivery, virtual reality has the potential to shape the future of retail,” the study notes.

“While they both might seem like part of a distant future, the 2015 Future of Retail Study shows that consumers will embrace them sooner than retailers might think.”