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Acer Set To Reveal New PC Range Running Win 10

Acer Set To Reveal New PC Range Running Win 10

At an International press conference in New York tomorrow Acer will demonstrate their new PC range running on Windows 10.

Senior Microsoft executives are set to attend the event that is being held at the new World Trade Centre in downtown New York, overseas attendees have to bring passports to get into the building where the event is being held. 

Recently Stan Shih the founder of Acer said that the Taiwanese Company who has seen a return to profitability in Australia said that Acer could in the future generate of over 50% of Acer profits after 3-5 years marketing build your own cloud solutions. 

In Australia Acer recently rolled out a major consumer travel program that rewards people who buy an Acer computer at a Harvey Norman store with discounts up to 50% off their accommodation at select hotels operated by hotels chains including Sheraton, Hilton, Mantra and Novotel.

The Company who recently won a $40M contract with the Victorian Government is also set to launch a major business to business portal in Australia and have recently rolled out a portal that lets schools configure and order their computing requirements.

Acer executives said that expects its operational transformation to take 3-5 years and then BYOC (build your own cloud) business is set to be a major part of the Companies revenues going forward. 

Currently Acer is the fifth-largest PC vendor worldwide, the second largest in New Zealand and the fourth largest in Australia.

Acer’s PC business accounts for over 90% of consolidated revenues and net profits currently, Shih said recently.

One and half years after BYOC was launched Acer expects BYOC to account for over 10% of its consolidated net profit this year Shih said.

BYOC has not been launched in Australia yet. 

While the profit proportion for BYOC is expected to be on the rise, Acer aims to maintain its PC business at the present level, Shih said.

Acer executives claim that demand for BYOC has so far exceeded Acer’s expectations and that going forward it will be a major revenue generator around the world. 

 BYOC supports business communication, smart home, health care and smart car applications.

Acer said that they expect its PC sales to significantly grow in mature markets including the US, Western Europe and Australia in 2015.

CEO Jason Chen said that Acer marketing will focus on Chromebooks, 2-in-1 notebooks and gaming notebooks this year.