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Streaming Services Killing Pirates

Streaming Services Killing Pirates

The research from the consumer advocacy group comes at the same time as big movie houses, along with Foxtel and ISPs struggle to agree on who and how much users should pay for content legally or be punished.

“The fact is the number of people regularly pirating in Australia has dropped by a quarter since Netflix launched,” said Choice campaigns manager Erin Turner.

“As a nation we are keen to pay for legal content. Our research found the number of people using legal subscription and pay-per-view services has jumped from 46 percent to 59 percent in the last six months,” Turner said.

Turner attributes the increase to the launch of Netflix in Australia and the emergence of a local streaming industry, with players such as Stan and Presto.

He said research shows the number of people who pirate film or TV at least monthly has dropped by 25pc since the Choice survey was last conducted in November 2014, down from 23 percent in 2014 to 17 percent.