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$8m In IPhone 13s Seized Customs Scam

More than 3600 Apple iPhone 13s have been seized at Mumbai airport in India, worth a combined US$5.7 million, or almost $8 million in Australian dollars.

The devices had been shipped in from Hong Kong and pegged falsely as “memory cards” to avoid local customs duties on smartphones.

A statement from the Department of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) says, “Physical examination, however, revealed that the consignments actually contained a total of 3646 iPhone 13 mobile phones.”


The value of the haul was around US$5.7 million, or almost $8 million Australian.

Adding to the haul were 12 Google Pixel 6 Pro models, which hasn’t officially been launched in India yet, as well as Apple watches.

More than just violating customs laws by evading duty fees, the phones were also seized due to the impact on the domestic industry still recovering from the impact of the pandemic.

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