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EXCLUSIVE: Convoy Moves From High Notes To High Flying With New Solo 3DR Drone

EXCLUSIVE: Convoy Moves From High Notes To High Flying With New Solo 3DR Drone

The Solo 3DR is the drone that the guys at WIRED, The Verge and top end tech publications drool over. Not because of its cool design but because it is packed with technology that sets this drone apart from several other drones being offered in Australia.

The Convoy drone from 3D Robotics a company co-founded by former WIRED editor-in-chief Chris Anderson is set to go on sale at Harvey Norman and specialist action sports retailers shortly.

According to Convoy CEO Geoff Mathews the $1,799 Solo 3DR drone is “easy to fly” right out of the box because of the technology that is packed into both the drone and the controller.

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According to WIRED reviewers who have played with the new Solo 3DR offering The Solo’s best feature, is its camera automation. In addition to the standard “follow me” mode,  this drone  allows you to draw a line on your phone’s screen, and the Solo will fly back and forth along exactly that line while recording the video course you have set.

Pick an object and select “Orbit,” and the drone will fly a perfect circle with the camera focused on the targeted subject the whole time. And in selfie mode, the camera trains on you and flies away, epic-action-movie-style. 

You can control your GoPro settings in flight, too, which no other drone offers.

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According to Sohan Karunaratne Marketing Director at Convoy the big difference with this drone is that it is “easy to fly with users able to train themselves up quickly because of the ease of use found in the control system that can be operated from a tablet. 

Currently Convoy is training their support to be drone pilots which is a big step from helping users connect their Bluesound gear or sort out a problem with a Bowers and Wilkins sound system.

The $1,799 Solo drone or $1,990 with a GoPro-holding gimbal included is full of clever tools to automate and simplify shooting.

 There’s even a one-click way to take an ultra-dramatic selfie video. 

 This quadcopter weighs in at 1.4 kilo it’s, all black, and looks more like a drone you’d want sneaking behind enemy lines than one you’d want hovering above you as you ski at Thredbo.

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It has a simple controller, which looks like an old-school video game joystick, with a holder for your iPhone or iPad, which act as both the monitor for the drone and the remote control for the mounted GoPro camera. 

There are lots of helpful tools for newbie pilots, like a panic button on the controller that will stop the drone in its tracks wherever you are, and a flight simulator app so you can learn to fly a drone without crashing it into trees or water if you live4 near a beach.

Already the #3 drone in the world Convoy is confident that they have a winner with this beast and that could well take the #1 slot because of the ease with which this drone can be flown.

As for me I can’t wait to get this Drone in the air.