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UPDATED: Qualifi Loses Tannoy To Audio Active

UPDATED: Qualifi Loses Tannoy To Audio Active

Melbourne based Audio Active who recently acquired the
rights to sell Sony’s high end high res audio gear has been appointed the sole
Australian Distributor of Tannoy residential products.

We initally stated that it was Amber who had lost this account. Amber distribute the Tannoy Commercial products not the residential range.  

Their appointment coincided with the recent takeover of the
TC Group that was previously owned by Behringer.

Recently the giant Music Group acquired the TC Group, one of
the largest group of companies in the pro audio industry.

Headquartered in Denmark, and with offices all over the
world, TC Group owns and manages brands such as Tannoy, Lab Gruppen, Lake, and

Paul Clarke the General Manager of Sales and Marketing at
Audio Active said “We are excited about the new model line-up confirmed
for remainder of this year and into early next year and with recent superb
reviews on the new Revolution range, things will undoubtedly heat up for the
brand. There will also be a few surprises at the affordable, entry end of the
market we are told.

“With a prestigious heritage and history of quality
products and with new ownership prepared to back new directions and product
development, tannoy should once again become a force in the Australian
market” he added.