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Making A Ruckus Over Smart Wi-Fi

Making A Ruckus Over Smart Wi-FiThe new
models include two new indoor dual-band (2.4/5 GHz) mid-range models:
the Ruckus ZoneFlex R500 and ZoneFlex R600.


Two new
T300 series outdoor models include the ZoneFlex T300e
omnidirectional model, which includes support for optional external 5
GHz antennas, and the ZoneFlex T301s 120 degree sectorised beam model
with a sector adaptive antenna.

The new
releases integrate patented Ruckus BeamFlex+ technology “for
optimal performance and interference mitigation in challenging RF
environments”, as well as ChannelFly dynamic channel management
technology “for predictive channel selection based on real-time
capacity analysis of all RF channels”.

latest ZoneFlex T300 series outdoor APs provide even more options and
flexibility for customers desiring carrier-class, high-capacity,
high-density outdoor 11ac smart Wi-Fi radio technology, including
industry-leading lightweight and compact form factors,” commented
Greg Beach, Ruckus Wireless vice president of product management.

new indoor, mid-range APs are exceptional, high-performance options
for deployments in small-to-mid-size retail businesses, branch
offices of large enterprises, hotel common areas, classrooms and
libraries, delivering best-in-class performance and reliability at
competitive prices.”

The R600
is “ideal for medium-to-high client density deployments, such as
enterprises, branch offices, and retail locations, especially those
serving three-spatial stream clients”.

The T300e
includes all of the features of the T300 model, “plus offers the
ability to attach a wide variety of external 5 GHz antennas for great
deployment flexibility”, with Ruckus stating it is “ideal for
mounting on poles, street corners, and rooftops, and in situations
where the AP is remote from antennas, or where the AP requires custom-engineered RF coverage”.

The T301s
has a sector adaptive antenna designed “specifically for providing
the best coverage and capacity at wider 120 degree sectors”, with
Ruckus stating it is “well suited for mounting on poles and ideal
for mounting on exterior walls”.

outdoor models are purpose-built to withstand harsh environments,
with IP67 water and dust-proof plastic enclosures, operating
in temperatures from -20 up to 55 degrees Celsius, with wind
survivability of up to 265 kmh. 

All four
of the new models feature 802.3af Power over Ethernet, support up to
500 clients each, can operate as a standalone AP or be centrally
managed by a Ruckus ZoneDirector controller, Ruckus SmartCell Gateway
200, or virtual SmartCell Gateway for maximum scalability.