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Quickflix Launches New PlayStation Service

Quickflix Launches New PlayStation ServiceThe move comes ahead of the holiday season, with Quickflix ramping up its content offerings for the PS3 and PS4.

PlayStation owners will now have access to the latest movies to stream pay-per-view, as well as current season TV shows to own, pay-per-episode, or season pass, adding to the existing subscription streaming option of $9.99 per month, Quickflix stated.

The new upgrade also features the Quickflix “Playlist” of pre-selected movies and TV shows for viewing across any device.

Premium streaming includes new movies such as 22 Jump Street, Maleficent and Guardians of the Galaxy, along with current seasons of TV shows, including Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, The Walking Dead and The Newsroom.

“We have added more than 5,000 hours of movie and TV shows to our service, reinforcing our commitment to offering entertainment fans even greater choice when it comes to watching their favourite shows,” commented Quickflix founder and CEO Stephen Langsford.

Quickflix is currently engaging in capital raising of around $5.7 million, stating the funds will be devoted to content investment among other initiatives.