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Govt’s Metadata Law Set To Take Toll On Smaller Telcos


Stanton told a Melbourne metadata forum that the Communications Alliance is working with the Abbott Government to define the data sets telcos will be forced to keep, which is not yet clear.

“There’s a real risk around scope creep in the data retention,” he said. “One of the things we’re doing is taking the 13 most commonly offered communications services in Australia, and actually mapping out every element and data component that needs to be retained with each service.

“And this is important, because there are more than 400 service providers in Australia. Many are small businesses, more than 300 ¬†share one percent of the market share.”

He said it was a daunting prospect for bit players to take the time to work through the controversial legislation, and CA would work with the Government to help prescribe to smaller telcos exactly what data to keep, as well as providing them with a hopefully easy way to do so.

“We also guard against scope creep and stop there from being a broader set of information needed,” he said. “So hopefully the work we’re doing will help guard against that.”