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$1,950 Themomix Smashed In Shoot Out With New $365 Food Mixer

$1,950 Themomix Smashed In Shoot Out With New $365 Food Mixer

The new Monsieur Cuisine mixer which looks identical to and performs better than the Thermomix according to recent reviews is tipped to make to Australia by Xmas. 

The CHOICE “Shonky Awards” voted Thermomix a shonky product
by a landslide. The once-loved kitchen appliance received more nominations than
any product in the award’s nine-year history.


As one publication said “Hell hath no fury like a
Thermo fan scorned”


Now all those upset Thermomix or aspiring Thermomix
customers who have laid off buying one of their mixers because of the excessive
high price of the device have an option coming that could only set you back sub


In a test recently the UK Daily mail asked whether the new $360
Monsieur Cuisine do everything the $1,960 Thermomix can do?


The answer was yes and in a shootout the two products proved
they were equals the only difference was a mere $1,600 .


After a series of extensive exercises where journalist  Sheyna Zaid Lam put both machines through
their paces side by side, where she 
ground meat and spices, churned butter and made mayonnaise, kneaded
dough for pizza and steamed sea bass and vegetables the result was


She concluded that the Monsieur Cuisine machine can knead,
mince, grind, steam, chop, pound, beat and on par with the Thermomix  and the big plus is that the new device is
five times cheaper than the new Thermomix TM5.


Lidl’s Monsieur Cuisine has been flying off the shelves
since its launched last month, selling out across Europe as home cooks scramble
to get their hands on the inexpensive kitchen gadget.


She concluded “The TM5 is a beautiful machine that is
clever, beautifully designed and very well made, making cooking truly a much
simpler affair. The little touches such as the in-built-scale and the
electronic Recipe Chip result in shorter cooking times and much less clearing
up after, and all those recipes/ideas that initially may have seemed too scary
and complicated, are now within easy reach”


“As for the Monsieur Cuisine, it can certainly do most
of what the Thermomix is capable of” said the Daily Mail.