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Apple Sells 1M Watches We Reveal What Consumers Chose

Apple Sells 1M Watches We Reveal What Consumers Chose

According to research firm Slice Intelligence who measure data using e-receipt data from more than 2 million consumers, 957,000 people in the U.S. pre-ordered an Apple Watch last Saturday with each consumer spending an average $503.83 per watch for all models. 

Sixty-two percent purchased the Apple Watch Sport, spending an average of $382.83 per watch, while those ordering the Apple Watch spent $707.04. 

Seventy-two percent of Apple Watch consumers had purchased an Apple product in the past two years; 21 percent pre-ordered an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus when it launched late last year.   

Apple Watch buyers invested in the pricier case but the cheapest band, with more than one third adding a black or white Sport band. 

The data also showed that most consumers opted for the larger 42 mm case, with Its data from online shoppers showed an average of 1.3 watches bought per customer, with $503.83 spent per item.

Sport buyers were slightly more likely to choose the 38 mm case, with 32 percent purchasing the smaller version, versus 24 percent of Apple Watch buyers. 

The most popular type of case was the Space Gray aluminum case, with 40 percent of Apple Watch buyers choosing the option, followed by: stainless steel at 34 percent, silver aluminum at 23 percent and finally Space Black stainless steel at three percent.

The Black Sport Band was by far the most popular among both Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport buyers, with 49 percent overall pre-ordering one, followed by the White Sport Band at 16 percent and the more expensive Milanese Loop ($149 versus $49 for the black Sport band) rounding out the top three at around 10 percent.

Apple is likely to quickly ramp up production of the Apple Watch after strong pre-orders outstripped limited supply, analysts said on Monday.

Apple also sold 48,000 of their vnew MacBooks on Friday, Fifty-three percent of them were the 512GB model. Forty-three percent of MacBook buyers also went on to buy an Apple Watch.